Summer Solstice: Challenging Your Typical "Long Day"

When expressing the statement “I’m having a long day,” it is typically paired with a hopeless sigh of negativity: someone slowed you down, something made you frustrated, somehow each minute felt like an eternity. Yet, the Summer Solstice is here and it definitely challenges the typical beliefs of a “long day.” Instead of bringing a wave of exhaustion, it brings a rush of life. Marking the onset of summer, it is a day to be grateful that Mother Nature has blessed us with extra hours under the sun, extra hours to be outside, jogging, hiking, or riding a bike.

The Summer Solstice marks the sun’s highest position in the sky, bringing with it the purest, most invigorating energy. Every summer, I honor the solstice. For me, it is a precious time that allows you to connect to the power of the universe, yourself, and those that surround you. It is a time to be energetic, using the extra hours of light to be more active, productive, and vivacious. It is a time to watch your worries evaporate into the sky as you fly free with the butterflies. It is a time to reflect, remembering that summer baby who ran in circles naked on the beach, that summer child who had the courage to jump off the diving board for the first time, or that summer teenage rebel who snuck sips of rosé with nervous gulps that lasted a lifetime. It is time to continue to grow, mirroring the upwards motion of the vines on the trees and the tomato plants in the gardens. It is a time to awaken your consciousness, whether it is slowing down the sips of your iced coffee and savoring the crispness of the ice, listening to the hums of the summer birds, or even just breathing in the earth with a powerful inhale and meaningful exhale. It is a precious time, one that eventually becomes clouded by the next season. It is a gift, one that changed my perspective on having a “long day,” and taught me the importance of being mindful, positive, and free.

This summer, I look forward to teaching my boys to sail on the Potomac, catching up with old friends from Sacred Heart over a Pimm’s Cup at Napoleon House, cruising around with my Jeep doors off, and watching each sunset as a new day rises.