PRESS, client and former client TESTIMONIALS

“You make travel a luxury and represent clients that are worth representing. I don’t fight often to get to go on press trips but yours are the cream of the crop. The attention to detail, the impeccable company and the consistent great food and wine are what set you apart, and I can’t tell you enough how much that resonates and propels you above all the other PR firms.”
— Breana Killeen, EatingWell Magazine [2019]
“I want to express my deep appreciation...I sincerely appreciate the amount of time, effort and the level of detail and accountability you have demonstrated on each project for The Occidental and the way you conduct business as a whole.”
— Jessica Harrison, The Occidental [2019]
Simone is a powerhouse publicist.
— Missy Frederick, Eater [2017]
Your team always makes my job so much easier!
— Eileen Whelan, Features Reporter, ABC-7 DC [2017]
Simone is your girl. You are in good hands.”
— Julia Reed, Contributing Editor to Garden & Gun, ELLE Décor, Newsweek, contributor to New York Times, Condé Nast Traveler, Vogue [October 2014]
Well, your Southern hospitality kept us full till dinner time. Thank you for the spirited conversation and tips.”
— Andrea Nguyen, Wall Street Journal [July 2013]
I’ve admired your work for so long, and I can’t thank you enough for all you’ve done to help me do my job. It has meant a great deal to me.
— Michael McCarthy, Editor-in-Chief, DC Magazine [2018]
You have been such a HUGE supporter of mine and brought so many great stories to the magazine. I’m so appreciative of all you’ve done
— Dana Cowin, Former Editor in Chief, Editor in Chief, Food & Wine Magazine [2016]
We’re thrilled you are happy with the piece and we always enjoy working with you and your thoughtful, articulate pitches.”
— Maggie White, Editor in Chief, The Local Palate [June 2014]
Simone, you get me the best. I trust you on this!”
— Kim Severson, Southern Bureau Chief, The New York Times [October 2014]
You guys are really the best. Thanks so much for putting all the work into organizing this. Looking forward to it!”
— Jessica Sidman, Washington City Paper [July 2012]
Will look forward to anything you guys come up with, since y’all are the PR wizards “dream team!” I have always marveled at the angles emerging on those press releases for various clients!! Very creative indeed.”
— Lisa LeBlanc Berry, New Orleans Magazine [May 2014]
It’s so hard to measure what fine PR/marketing does - but I can quantify that your effect and positive impact is immeasurable.
— David Wizenberg, Passion Food Hospitality [2018]
[That] was a very well-informed pitch. Thank you… I wasn’t clear if you were pitching to write this as a freelancer. Definitely a great story - strong local angle!
— Eva Benn, Miami Herald [2016]
You’ve got a winner here with Simone, she is always prepared with information.”
— Mike Sanson, Editor in Chief, Restaurant Hospitality Magazine to a client [October 2014]
I’ve enjoyed our many collaborations over the years, I will most fondly remember that first story in Cottage Living! xoxo”
— Lindsay Bierman, Editor in Chief, Southern Living [April 2014]
Simone, This is truly cracking me up. Brilliant. Great humor for a good cause.” [On the ‘OctoberBreast: Booze for Boobs’ release from Cured]
— Allston McCrady, Managing Editor, The Local Palate [August 2013
I met Simone in the 1990s when she traveled to New York while working for the Windsor Court hotel. She struck me as an absolute original, a young woman who was stylish, fun, and honest—three qualities you rarely encounter together in the public relations field. She was so passionate about her client, and so sure that it was a good fit for my readers, that I actually got on a plane and visited the hotel. It was a wonderful experience, and I’ve been a fan of the Windsor Court and New Orleans ever since. Over the course of the past 15 years, I’ve worked with Simone and her clients on many projects, from travel stories to spa articles to full-scale wedding shoots. (My husband, Bob Payne, who is a contributing editor at Conde Nast Traveler, has worked with her on restaurant pieces as well.) I can speak for my colleagues here at the magazine when I say that she is not only creative, but equally reliable and responsive, seeing every undertaking through to the end. We know that Simone understands our audience, and doesn’t waste our time with inappropriate pitches. Any communication that comes from Simone is worth paying attention to. She is a professional I’m so delighted to also call a friend.”
— Sally Killbridge, Deputy Editor, Brides Magazine [May 2011]


I’ve worked with Simone Rathlé and Simoneink public relations for 17 years, since the conception of my company, Passion Food Hospitality in Washington, DC. When you have Simone on your team, you don’t just have a PR company working with you, you have creative and intuitive person will guide you through concept development, marketing, planning of invitations, special emails - She is a vast spectrum of input and knowledge. Simone has, thru her many contacts in the media world, produced several feature articles, regular article inclusions and so much more. I would highly recommend hiring her not only for her PR skills, but also for her valuable feedback and contributions to all aspects of a hospitality company.”
— Gus DiMillo, Principal, Passion Food Hospitality [December 2014]
Simone, we have worked together for many years, you have done an excellent job, we count you as not only a valuable partner, but a very good friend.
— John Graham, formerly the General Manager of The Lake Placid Lodge [2010]
Thank you for all that you and your girls do for me. I find myself caught up in life and not looking at all we’ve accomplished. I want you to know I appreciate your effort, time and most of all patience.”
— Cory Bahr, Chef/Owner, Restaurant Cotton [June 2014]
Getting to work with a press/media firm as well known as your would be amazing.”
— Tiffany MacIsaac, DC Pastry Chef [June 2014]
Identifying the Capital with all the exciting activities throughout the South is the key to our long-range success. Thanks for all your collective efforts in assuring that we were “in that number.”
— - Chuck Magill, General Manager, Capital Hotel [November 2012]
We have enjoyed working with Simone Rathle for the past three years and will continue our relationship with her as our media consultant due to her creative input, proactive approach to gaining media coverage, detailed follow up, precise preparation for media interviews and presentations, and overseeing the photo shoots and development of our electronic library. Simone has varied her roles as our media relations representative and has positioned several of our restaurants to gain exposure in the local and regional markets. We predominantly work with Simone on our flagship/initial restaurant, Marcel’s, as well as positioning me the Executive Chef/Proprietor/President of a 16 year old company in a strategic and productive manner. Simone’s focus is to gain coverage that goes beyond mentions, but rather feature stories that take time. She has educated me and my team on the importance of patience — that success does not happen over night — and that goes with great media coverage. We do our part in helping Simone have the tools to bring my name and my restaurants to the forefront of the media’s minds. And if we forget or get caught up in other tasks, she is right there reminding us to provide her with that information. Simone is on top of it!”
— Robert Wiedmaier, Executive Chef/Owner, Robert Wiedmaier Restaurant Group [December 2014]
I have had the pleasure to work with Simone Rathlé and Simoneink since 1998 via a restaurant group of which I was the Executive Pastry Chef. Through her proven ability in media relations, I hired her directly in 2010 to oversee the PR for my own restaurant and cookbook. Simone’s ability to secure quality placement is beyond any other company I have worked with in the past. With Simoneink being a smaller boutique PR firm, I receive personal attention that I would not find at a larger firm where I might get lost in a list of hundreds of clients. Simone and her team at Simoneink are always attentive, professional, and reliable. They understand me personally, my restaurant concept, and where I want to take my business. We have a valuable and trusted partnership, and I am fortunate to have them as members of the Bayou Bakery family.”
— David Guas, Chef/Owner, Bayou Bakery Coffee Bar & Eatery [December 2014]
I hired Simoneink to promote my first book, Stealing Magnolias: Tales from a New Orleans Courtyard, and I could not have been happier with the results. Simone Rathle and her team simply are in the know as to who is who, and their targested campaign was directly responsible for numerous book sales. They have contacts that are key to anyone looking to create a big splash in the New Orleans community and throughout the entire East Coast. As a first time author, it was wonderful to have a seasoned professional that I had total confidence in. In fact, she has worked with several of my colleagues at Hearst, Pamela Fiori, former Editor in Chief of Town & Country Magazine, and editors of both O, The Oprah Magazine and Country Living. Simone has successfully and professionally secured exposure for her clients with several publications under the Hearst umbrella. I have no doubt I will be using Simoneink again for my next book.”
— Debra Shriver, VP/Chief Communications Office & SVP/Magazines, Hearst Corporation [May 2011]