Our Services

Media Relations
Good communication is a high skill, and in the hospitality industry, it’s essential. At simoneink, getting the word out in the right quarters, to the right contacts, in just the right tone, and at just the right time, is a matter of years of experience. From media placement to damage control, the firm’s reputation for honesty, hard work, creative thinking, and generosity of information is both hard-earned and effective. Many successful clients have been guided by the firm – and top journalists respond to its calls, which is why simoneink is well known for its reputation to regularly secure national print features. If you need to reach a critical few or a whole new market, public relations is the key, and simoneink is the hospitality expert.


Graphic Design
From t-shirts to menus, and print ads to trail maps, simoneink can direct each element of your visual design to underscore your property’s brand. The firm can work independently or with your own graphic designer to convey your message, as well as your character, in print or digital media.


Advertising Development
simoneink can help you be sure that each dollar you commit to advertising is well-placed and worthwhile. To reach the people you want to attract, in a way that makes them take notice, takes thought, planning, creativity, and a thorough understanding of the media market -- all hallmarks of this boutique pr firm.


Event Publicity
simoneink is adept and experienced in development, planning, organizing and overseeing select events.

Social Media
People talk. A lot. Thanks to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and everything in between, people are constantly talking online, so why not have them talk about your brand? simoneink will engage bloggers, monitor and develop timely strategies utilizing Twitter and Instagram, and update Facebook continuously with current issues relevant to your business. It is important to get people, media and customers, talking while maintaining a consistent message across all mediums that is in sync with your brand’s image.


Branding Development
Continuity of concept and design helps the public recognize a good thing: your fine restaurant, your boutique hotel, your cupcakes, your spa services. By helping you choose and control the image you wish to project through a consistent design program encompassing color and style of logo, packaging, signage, uniforms, and all other collateral materials, simoneink can build an attractive, distinctive, and lasting visual character for each client.


Food Styling / Art Direction
You may make the best food in the world, but if it doesn’t look good – you don’t look good. A picture is worth a thousand words, a bad food shot can damage your image as quickly as a negative review. With vast experience in directing culinary photo shoots, simoneink can showcase your best side from choosing the dish, to fine-tuning presentation and styling. simoneink knows which photo will appeal to the media, which belong on websites, and which don’t. So next time you’re faced with an overwhelming contact sheet; better yet, before those shots are even taken – call in the experts to help you look your best.


Getting the word out to bring the clients in – whether they be guests, customers, or passengers, is what drives your financial engine. simoneink’s mastery of marketing ranges from targeted high-end media placement to elevating your profile within your community through charitable associations and events. Such exposure – earned, not bought – brings value and goodwill that money simply cannot buy.


The written word is a powerful thing. It can entertain, inform, and, at its compelling best, draw you in wanting more and more. You need it for your website, your brochures, and letters to your best clients. To articulate your mission statement and to describe your setting. Even the most mundane communication is elevated by fine writing. It is a craft that requires not only language and editing skills, but the ability to convey a message with taste, passion, humor, discretion, or persuasion. simoneink provides all of the above.


Media Training
In most industries, success in business goes hand-in-hand with media savvy. Today’s hospitality environment is no different, and chefs and other culinary professionals must be more than simply good in the kitchen: they need to be presentable, articulate – and even entertaining – in media opportunities ranging from print interviews to appearances on live television, local and national.