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Native New Orleanians and proprietors Terry White and Ralph Brennan, the acclaimed restaurateur and namesake of the iconic dining establishment, Brennan’s, bring New Orleans tradition with a commitment to honoring the city’s history and ethnicity through its cuisine, architecture, and ambiance. The innovative menu borrows its pedigree from French and Spanish ancestors and complements each dish with cultural influences molding the present-day fare of New Orleans. James Beard Award finalist Executive Chef Slade Rushing stands by this code in maintaining the integrity of the establishment and, as a result, boasts a selection of traditional New Orleans favorites as well as distinct seasonal daily offerings. Rushing’s high regard for freshness comes in all varieties, which are transformed into dishes with a strong vision for what is local. The decorative vision from New York based southern gentleman, Richard Keith Langham, has created old-world elegant inspired dining rooms, reminiscent of grand homes along St. Charles Avenue, and personable, attentive service underscores a unique and sophisticated dining experience that lives on in every visitor’s memory.

417 Royal St, New Orleans, LA 70130
Phone: 504.525.9711