The Dubliner

The Dubliner, a Capitol Hill institution just a stone’s throw from the Capitol itself, is a true enclave of the old country: full of friends, both old and not-yet-met, and radiating a warm welcome from the glowing bottles of fine Irish whiskey to the dark gleaming woodwork.

Established in 1974 by Danny Coleman, a charming second-generation Irish publican, The Dubliner has gained historic status not only from its decades of providing good cheer to Washingtonians of all stripes, but as the unofficial headquarters for all matters of Irish-American politics, business, and peace. Coleman’s son Gavin, a partner in Washington’s Long Shot Hospitality group [The Salt Line,] now shares proprietorship of The Dubliner with his father.

The Dubliner is one of the nation’s largest purveyors of Guinness Stout, and the only source for Auld Dubliner Amber Ale, its locally produced house brews. The Dubliner is proud to have introduced many a fine Irish musician to the American public over the decades, and live Irish music remains a festive nightly event. A classic range of homey Irish fare also transports guests back to the Emerald Isles, from Potato Soupand Irish Smoked Salmon, to Chicken Pot PieTrout Amandine, and Rack of Lamb. Breakfast and dinner are served seven days a week; lunch on weekdays; and the bar is open from 11am to the wee hours. 

4 F Street NW, Washington, DC 20001
Phone: 202.737.3773