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At Loa (meaning deities or holy spirits in Voudou), the stylish bar within International House, the atmosphere and attitude gives space and sanctuary to the spirit of alcohol. This candlelit haven focuses on the heightened qualities of craftsmanship, ritual, and individuality and attracts regular following of the city's creatives and entrepreneurs. Charismatic 'Spirit Handler' Alan Walter, who looks like he walked off a 1970s Hollywood set, conjures "An Extravagant Taste of Place" through cocktails of rare spirits. All enhanced by a rainbow of foraged ingredients for his aromatic syrups that capture the unlikely essence of New Orleans - like Spanish moss, pine needles and even catnip. Walter's practice of pouring drinks in vintage glassware, with over 100 in his collection, connects his patrons to a nostalgic era with every intriguing sip.

221 Camp St, New Orleans, LA 70130
Phone: 504.553.9550