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LM Pagano 

LM Pagano is a Los Angeles-based interior designer who has established herself as a Renaissance woman with a timeless style, which she employs in residential homes, condominiums, yachts, hotels from France to New Orleans to LA, as well as in spaces for private clients like Nicolas Cage and Johnny Depp and more.  Pagano’s designs take you on a journey through jewel-tone hues, precious materials, and plush textures. The design is defined by the person, not simply the place. Every inch of space is carefully considered by judiciously incorporating elements of the client’s character and style to establish a true sense of place…personal space. Finding the rare kind of beauty and positively exposing the natural harmony between the person and the design.

LM Pagano Designs
2960 Tuna Canyon Road, Topanga, California 90290
Phone: 310.455.2920