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Cowboy Cauldron 

Before Mike Bertelsen swapped his life as a lobbyist within the Capital Beltway for a more open-air existence in the mountains, he set out to make a perfect fire pit to capture the spirit of his western roots and facilitate his love of cooking, entertaining -- and fire.  When that was done, friends and relations created such an unrelenting demand for their own, that he really had no choice but to go in to production, and the Cowboy Cauldron Company was born.  Crafted in the U.S. of high-tensile steel, Cowboy Cauldrons are indestructible, highly functional, exquisite examples of industrial design.  Their remarkable simplicity belies countless structural refinements that have resulted in the ideal fire vessel, up to the standards of professional chefs and home cooks who relish a live flame.  There's one sized for the urban cowboy, one for the cowboy who's home on the range, and one for everyone in between.  Cook over it, on the ingeniously hinged grill.  Light your fire underneath, and cook liquids right in the cauldron. Or just sit back and enjoy the blaze. 

Cowboy Cauldron
58 Virginia Street
Salt Lake City, UT 84103
Phone: 801-918-4490