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Butter Pat Industries

Back in 2013, when Dennis Powell broke his grandmother's cast iron skillet, his heart nearly broke with it.  Estee Hilton Rudd had been the quintessential southern matriarch; she was also a butcher and meat market proprietor in Charleston, an entrepreneur whose drive was passed down to her grandson.  He channeled his misfortune into curiosity about the production methods of cast iron skillets, and the determination to develop a new product that matched the quality of vintage cookware. What he created, once his unrelenting standards led to new casting technologies, was something that may have surpassed the original: an American-made cast iron skillet that is as thin as possible and perfectly smooth.  Available in three sizes, the Butter Pat skillets are designed in Virginia, hand-cast in small batches in a Pennsylvania forge, and hand-finished on Maryland's Eastern Shore.  They are sought-after by chefs, home cooks, and anyone who values beauty in objects of surpassing utility.



Butter Pat Industries
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